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Plus Stone Granit Mermercilik San. Trade Ltd. Sti.

Cutting with a pressurized water jet; It is an unconventional manufacturing method and one of the newest modern techniques. This cutting technology was developed in the late 1960s. 
The use of waterjet cutting in the metal industry became popular after 1982. Adapting industrial robots to the system for better handling of the waterjet nozzle and adding abrasives to the pressurized water significantly increased the application areas of the system. 


When waterjet abrasive is added, it is possible to cut harder parts. The water jet reduces the cutting forces and eliminates the heating. There is no tool wear as there is no contact with the part during machining.

The filter, one of the basic elements used in the system, cleans the water and prolongs the life of the system. The compressor supplies water at high pressure. Pipes and fittings are used to transport pressurized water. The abrasive silo supplies abrasive. Orifice, mixing chamber and nozzle provide mixing of abrasive and water. The cutting nozzle provides directing the jet. Numerically controlled axes are responsible for positioning the cutting head. The trap element is used to catch the spent jet. 
In practice, software prepared for the system to work in optimum conditions is used. The waterjet method provides technical, safety, economic and environmental advantages  .

The design you want with Waterjet; We cut marble, ceramic, glass, porcelain etc. and present it to you.

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